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10 cute essentials that will make your kids happy to be back to school

10 cute essentials that will make your kids happy to be back to school


After memorable vacations and fun sunny days, it might be hard for little ones to come back to school, especially if they still have virtual classes. Therefore, creating an inspiring desk area with fun elements is crucial to make the process easier. That's why we've gathered ten essential back-to-school items that will make the kids' desk area (or even returning to school in-person) more exciting in the new year.


1. A whimsical backpack 

Suppose your children are returning to in-person learning after months. In that case, a fun backpack can make them instantly happier when it's time to get in the car and see the teacher and classmates again.

Some on Etsy are fun for kids and aesthetically pleasing for parents who love interiors. You can even put them on display in the desk area for a pop of color and personal touch.

 Backpack back to school kids

Kids' backpack by Comuny Silvestre


2. Positive pencils  


If your kid is more shy or even afraid to go to school for the first time, these cheerful pencils will remind them of how powerful they are! Even if mama or papa is not there to cheer them up, these little reminders will slowly but surely boost their confidence. Also, how cute and decor-friendly are they? 


Back to school positive pencils 

Positive pencils by HAHonline


3. Cute water bottle 


You want to make sure your little one is drinking some water between one lesson and the other. That's why having a cute water bottle is essential to make kids actually want to do it. It can be one with rainbows, sea animals, or whatever brings them joy!


 back to school water botle

Liewood water bottle rainbow 

Liewood water bottle friendship


4. Custom eco-friendly lunch boxes 


If your kid needs a lunch box to return to school, why not customize it with their name? The little details truly make a difference in showing children that they are seen and appreciated. 

back to school lunch box for kids

Eco-friendly custom lunch box, by  

You can also opt for a fun lunch box with rainbows or animals. Add some yummy snacks inside, and voilà: lunch break is even more special now! 

Sass & Belle Earth Rainbow Lunch Bag


5.Educational poster

Make learning-from-home more fun with an educational poster in the kids' playroom or nursery.

Bonus tip: hang it on the kids' desk area to function as a decor piece.

 back to school alphabet poster

alphabet posters for kids

Alphabet Posters by HejHanni


6.Thank you teacher gift


Teachers deserve all the appreciation in the world, especially during these challenging COVID-19 times. Show them some love by sending with your kid a 'Thank you teacher' card or even a candle. 

back to school essentials: thank you teacher candle 

Thank you teacher candle by 



7. Weekly calendar


Learning the days of the week can take some time, but a weekly calendar can help your minis memorize them. 


Weekly calendar by Guineuoak


8. Desk divider with compartments 


This IKEA desk divider with compartments is perfect for kids who need to share the room with brothers or sisters. Not only it helps concentrate, but it makes them feel like it's their personal area. 


back to school essentials: IKEA desk divider


9. Natural cleansing Wash Gel for Baby & Kids


This item is not as fun and exciting as the others, but undoubtedly necessary. Protect your little one (s) of this new unchartered world with some cleansing wash gel to use between classes or lunch break. It's also a great way to teach them how to clean their hands properly! 

Natural cleansing Wash Gel for Baby & Kids by Naif 


10.Kids Artwork Display


Want to see your children proud of what they are creating at school? Add an artwork display in their desk area to showcase their beautiful and intelligent art pieces and encourage them to do more. 


kids back to school essentials  

Kids Artwork Display by DownrightCreative


When we least expect it, summer days will be gone. However, hopefully, with this list, you can make the most of this new back-to-school season.


Happy back to school! 


Morning Blue Play Mat by The Singing Ant 

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