5 patio trends to try this summer

5 patio trends to try this summer

Sun's out, fun's out! If you are looking for patio trends for 2021 to create a playful environment for your family and enjoy the sunny days ahead, we've got you covered. After some tough times, comfort is here to stay, and we all deserve an amusing outdoor space to relax and unwind.

Here are five patio trends for 2021 carefully selected by decor experts that will make your kiddos (and your eyes) way happier!

Patio trends 2021

Photo: @honestly.regina featuring our Spring Green Play Mat

5 cool patio trends for 2021

1. Neutral tones and textures

When it comes to home decor, neutral tones have taken over many beautiful homes out there. Of course, the patio could not be different! 

Besides making the space soothing, neutral tones are timeless. That means you can use them next year and make minor tweaks here and there to refresh the decor. 

Patio trends 2021
Patio trends 2021
Photo: @ @house_1a

If you are looking for a soft neutral surface to protect the minis while playing, our Moon Grey Play Mat is sturdy and outdoor-friendly. The only thing you need to remember is to put it inside after the sun's gone.


2. Pastel colors

Those who love delicate summer pastels (who doesn't, really?) will fall for patios and balconies with these tones. Beautiful pastel colors not only are trendy but can also help to make little ones feel more serene.

Photo: @acasa_seis

Patio trends 2021

Photo: @acasa_seis

Our favorite Play Mat when it comes to a pastel color palette is the Rose Sunset Play Mat. It is sweet, calming, and fits tons of different decor styles, from boho to modern. 

Patio trends 2021

Photo: @floves_ featuring our Sunset Rose Play Mat

3. Edible garden

Many people started gardening during the lockdown, and, of course, this lifesaver and sanctuary had to become a trend. The lack of time outdoors during the last years sure helped people enjoy bringing more nature to their homes. Not to mention the fact that it is very relaxing and de-stressing - perfect for parents and kids bored inside the house. 


Photo: @alexandragater

Also, nothing brings more breezy summer vibes than cooking healthy meals outdoors. So, if you haven't yet, become a gardener and even teach your little one (s) how to plant herbs as an activity of a summer bucket list

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4. Unmatched summer furniture

Say goodbye to matchy-matchy summer furniture and explore unique combinations. That will make your patio look casual and relaxed, as you haven't put too much thought into it  - not in the wrong way but a chill one instead! 

The best part about this trend is that you can use the furniture you already have, like the old stools hidden in grandma's garage. Add a coat of paint and voilà! 

Photo: Erin Aschow

Patio trends 2021

Photo: Kelly Mindell | Studio DIY

5 . Bringing the Indoors Outside

If you're looking for a budget-friendly makeover for your Staycation, try bringing some items from your indoors outside. It can be cushions, silverware, plant pots, our multifunctional Play Mats, and so on. 

Besides saving money, this idea will instantly make your patio decor cohesive with the rest of the house. Summer is for relaxing and not overthinking, so this trend inspires less time planning the patio decor and more time rather enjoying it!  

Photo: John Lewis & Partners

Photo: Jody Stewart

We hope you have enjoyed the patio trends for 2021 and have a fantastic Summer!

If you need a little help to turn it more playful for the minis, check out our tiles outdoor-friendly Play Mats, and custom travel bag to carry it wherever you go. 


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