7 kids' rooms that will make you want a large Play Mat

7 kids' rooms that will make you want a large Play Mat

When it comes to choosing a kid's play mat, the bigger, the better. Need proof? We've got some of the cutest playrooms and nurseries from our community to show you.

Even if your room is smaller, having a large play mat can tie everything together, bring a hint of color to a bare space, or protect your floor from crazy adventures.

The decor possibilities are endless: you can make it a statement piece, use it to blend with the rest of the interior, or mix and match with other items. 

Ahead are 7 of our favorite rooms with our large play mats to inspire you!


1. When in doubt, cover the entire playroom

If you have little explorers at home, you know: they will have played in every corner of the room by the end of the day. One area is the castle, the other one is the quicksand, and so on.

Everything is possible to a kid's imagination, so you better protect the entire room with a sturdy (but soft) surface. See how Lucy did it magically with our Sunset Rose Play Mat in large size.

Rose large play mat in playroom with kid playing on it

Photo: @life_with_the_three_giesis, featuring the maxi Rose Sunset Play Mat 

2. Let the play mat grow with your mini(s)

If you already have one of our small or medium play mats, you will notice that, at some point, your little one(s) will start to outgrow it when playing. To prevent that, try adding our extensions to grow the surface together with them.

Photos: @ desi.tielmann, featuring the Midi (photo 1) and Maxi with one row of  extensions Moon Grey Play Mat (photo 2). 

3. Protect your kids (and the floor)

Wooden floor in the playroom? No problem. Use a multifunctional large play mat to make the space safe and inviting  as all kid's rooms should be! 

Photo: @borrie_n_lex


4. Create a tone-on-tone decor

If you're only going to commit to one tone, opt for a larger play mat that will not contradict your room's preexisting color palette. It's a win-win: you will both hide the dark flooring and protect your kid(s) when playing.

nursery with large grey play mat

Photo: @onelittleyear

5. Hide the rental floor with custom sized play mats

Speaking of which, if you live in a rental space and cannot change the floors, try adding one of our custom sized play mats. 

Our maxi Play Mats are 170 x 170 cm, but you can add extensions to make it up to 228 x 228 cm, or as much as you need. Your visitors will not even notice that carpet or old flooring on the playroom! 




6. Turn the large play mat into the star

Every playroom or nursery needs a solid focal point. One way to do that is with our large Play Mats! You can use a brighter color (like the green or blue one) for a colorful nursery or more neutral (like the grey or rose).

Nursery with large play mat in grey tones

Photo: @la_liebelei, featuring the maxi Moon Grey Play Mat

7. Tie the whole space together

When it comes to styling big rooms, integrating the different sections is essential. Instantly tie all of your spaces (study desk, play area, bed) with a large play mat. Forget buying multiple small rugs  all you need is one big statement piece!

Playroom with large play mat in grey color


Got inspired? Check out our large Play Mats in different colors, and create a playful and safe space for your little one!

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