Quick and easy self-care tips for busy moms

Quick and easy self-care tips for busy moms

There's a quote that perfectly describes the message we want to give all moms:
'Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of giving what's left you'.

Really taking care of yourself often feels like something we don't have time for, so we put it off. We wait until we have some time off. But, it is possible to take care of yourself by following these easy tips - that will fit into your schedule everyday: 

Give yourself enough hours of sleep

 Sleep is everything. Being a mom, you know that sleep is important. It protects your mental and physical health. It also has an impact on how we feel the next day. If you notice you're not getting enough sleep, a trick could be to set your alarm half an hour before you actually want to be in bed, to remind you well ahead and give you some time to prepare for going to bed. 

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Choose 'doing less' over
'getting everything done'

 Make sure you don't overwhelm yourself with a to do list that never seems to end. Often we - although we have done that task many times - underestimate the time we spent on finishing it.  Ask yourself: does everything on your to do list need to be done today? Is there anyone or any service you could use that could help you take off some of the load? Experts say that six tasks on a list should be the maximum. 
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source: @allthatsheis via Instagram


Give yourself (at least) 5 minutes everyday

 To take a deep breath, stretch and enjoy your coffee or tea.
Make them your holy '5 minutes' - no matter what - you will have these five minutes every day. 

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Tell yourself: good is good enough

Ask yourself if everything will fall to pieces if you leave it when it's good and not perfect. It probably won't. You can let it go. 

Busy moms daily self care tips

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Drink enough water

 Taking care of yourself means mentally and physically. Water has a lot of benefits for your body, brain and energy levels.
Fill a large bottle of water and make it your goal to finish that before the end of the day. 

Daily self care tips for moms drink enough water 

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Get some exercise

 A decent workout doesn't always fit into the schedule. Though getting a bit of exercise everyday is good for the brain and body and puts you in a better mood. So, if you don't have time for a full workout, try to at least take a walk outside for ten minutes - even if the weather seems bad.

There are also a lot of nice examples of Mommy and Me yoga workouts you could do with your baby or toddler. If you already own one of The Singing Ant mats, you can easily use the mat for these exercises.

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Cut yourself some slack

Be kind to yourself. Notice you're always doing the best you can.
Remind yourself to not compare yourself to the image of a "perfect" mom. 
Kids don't want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom. 

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Squeeze in a 15 minute Feel Good Session

Put on your favorite songs and dance. You can also do this with your little one if you can't find time to really be alone. Dancing helps to release the stress, build confidence and it releases feel-good endorphins into the bloodstream. 
It might help to set an alarm to remind you to take your 15 minutes. 

Self care tips for busy moms
source: Pinterest

Reserve a moment for gratitude

 This one might sound a bit cheesy, but positive thoughts really help you to relax and be more happy.
Just write at least one thing your grateful for every day in a journal. After a while, you will have created a long list of things you're grateful for - which you can always look back to whenever you're feeling stressed or tired. 

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