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Moms, here’s how to prioritize self-care daily without feeling guilty

Moms, here’s how to prioritize self-care daily without feeling guilty

As summer holidays are over and to-do lists are getting bigger again; it's more important then ever to make sure the hectics of our daily lives don't get the better of us. One way to do that, is to make self-care a daily practice. 

Self-care is about finding joy, fulfillment and a peace of mind. Complicating time we need for ourselves, such as telling ourselves we need to have an hour of bath time to be able to relax or need an hour to work-out - otherwise what’s even the point - will make it harder to incorporate self-care into our busy lives. We don't always have much alone-time to spare and sometimes our heads are just so full of things we need to do, that the moment we force ourselves to take that "relaxing" bath, this feeling of guilt pops up and we can’t even enjoy it. Or, we may have optimistically scheduled some time for self-care, but then the day turns out differently than planned.

Self-care usually is the first thing that moms put aside. Which is why we want to share with other moms: self-care ideas that suit any schedule and mood.

We understand days don’t always go as planned and that there are only so many hours in a day. With these self-care ideas, we'd like to show you that self-care can be found in little things too. You can save the images with the self-care ideas and keep them with you whenever you need a moment of self-care.


When you have a very, very busy day 

  1. Listen to a book or your favorite music, while doing a chore
    Pick a time where either the kids are in bed, or when someone can keep an eye on them, and do a chore that doesn’t ask for much thinking. This way you can still finish your to-do-list and do something that takes your mind somewhere else and gives you energy.

  2. Give a compliment to a house member or text a compliment to the first person you can think of
    Complimenting people also makes you feel better because you’ll know you’ve made a positive impact on them.

  3. Be mindful when making yourself coffee or tea
    Take your mind somewhere more peaceful by:
    Watching the water boil. Thinking about why you’re going to enjoy your coffee or tea so much. Paying attention to how the milk flows into the coffee or the teabag spreads its color. 

  4. Kiss and hug your family
    Giving love and feeling loved will snap you out of the ‘rush’ mode and will bring you peace of mind as it reminds you what really matters in life.

Ideas for moms to prioritize self-care without feeling guilty


When you’ve got 5 minutes

  1. Do a 5-minute breathing exercise
    Breathing calms you down and gives you some relief from anxiety, pressure or a busy mind.

  1. Just be still and look out the window
Looking out of the window makes you shift your attention to something else. It helps to see things differently, maybe even clearer.

  1. Dance (alone or with your family)

Dancing reduces stress and increases levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin.

  1. Water or study your plants

Watering your plants is an activity that requires your special attention and slows you down. It also makes you feel good, because you feel the joy of taking care of something. If your plants already had enough water, you could also study them. Try to figure out what changed, how they've grown since you've had them.


Ideas for moms to prioritize self-care without feeling guilty


When you’ve got 15 minutes

  1. Practice / learn a new language

What language peeks your interest? There are many apps for your phone that makes it easy to learn and practice a new language. A simple and fun way to activate your mind and distract you from your to-do-list. After these 15 minutes you will also have learned something new, which will give you a great feeling- and you could even surprise your family with your new skills.


  1. Journal

    Check in with yourself. How are you feeling and why? Just write it down.


  1. Meditate
    To ease your mind and feel more grounded and balanced.
    If you’re looking for a guided meditation, Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube are full with free, relaxing meditations.


  1. Put on a facial mask or put body cream on your entire body

    Taking care of your skin, you’re literally taking care of yourself. It also requires some concentration, which gives your mind a break.


Ideas for moms to prioritize self-care without feeling guilty


When you’ve got 30 minutes

  1. Do a 15-minute workout to get your heart rate up

If you’re looking for a workout, we’ve got you covered here
Scroll down until the end to find the 15-minute workout-sheet.

  1. Read or listen to a chapter of a book

To let your mind drift off.


  1. Take a long shower

    This will always make you feel better. Light some candles, listen and sing to your favorite tunes while you’re enjoying your hot shower, or put on some relaxing music to create your own spa moment.

  2. Do Yin Yoga
    Yin Yoga calms down the nervous system and therefore is a great way to relieve tension. We can recommend the free Yin Yoga classes by Rituals on Youtube.

Ideas for moms to prioritize self-care without feeling guilty

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