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Hygge, a lifestyle of wellbeing and the inspiration of our new collection

This week we launched a new collection of play mats; The Hygge Collection. This limited collection with quilted-vegan leather play mats, in four breathtaking earth tones, is inspired by the Danish lifestyle called ‘hygge’.

Achieve the hygge interior trend style

Hygge is a lifestyle that focusses on happiness and wellbeing. It’s about enjoying the good things in life with loved ones. The warm glow of candlelight, cozying up on the couch for a movie, sitting at the table with friends and family and more.

Achieve the hygge interior trend style

This collection represents the home stories we create. It’s here to honor family traditions and memories with family and friends. We hope that you can also feel the intention behind it.

 Achieve the hygge interior trend style

The quilted-vegan leather mats in this collection maintain our core values of style-elevated accessories that focus on creating memories and spending time together with our families at home. All while blending perfectly into every home interior and being practical as it's easy to wipe clean. 

hygge interior trend style inspiration

The Hygge Collection was actually inspired by you - our customers' wishes for a neutral color palette and a softer play space for newborns. As such, we bring to you mats with warm and gender-neutral colors that really set the tone in your home interior. The mats also have a quilted filling that offers an extra touch of plush-comfort.

hygge interior fall trend inspiration

So, thank you for being part of our new collection. We hope these mats can become part of your beautiful home story as well, as a layering piece or a finishing touch in your home interior.

hygge interior trend style fall inspiration 

Sending a million wishes,

Nicole Eissele

Founder of The Singing Ant


photo credits: Sarah Pierick