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10 easy ways to create a colorful nursery

10 easy ways to create a colorful nursery

Spring has sprung, and we all want to change everything in our homes. Either by cleaning or renovating, it's finally the season to get ready to enjoy some well-deserved sunny days ahead.

When it comes to the nursery or kid's room, one of the easiest ways to spruce it up is by adding colorful elements to the decor. So, here are some ideas that really inspired us — and we hope it does the same for you!

Colorful nursery with gallery wall

Photo: Studio DIY

10 ideas for your colorful nursery

If you live in a rental apartment or don't want to mess around with paint, don't worry. We round up ten easy (and affordable) ways to create a colorful nursery that will make your child's sanctuary ready for summertime.

1. Paint just a section of the nursery

Okay, we get it: painting the whole space can get pretty messy, and it takes time. So, a good compromise is by adding color to only one section of the space.

You can create a square surrounding the crib.


Or perhaps go bolder with a triangle shape.

Blue colorful nursery with white crib and light wood details
Photo: @thehouseofwaffle

2. Add a colorful canopy

We cannot get tired of this trend: cute canopies above the crib. It adds charm and personality to the room and can completely transform it.

Colorful nursery with flower wallpaper and green Play Mat, where a kid is playing with wooden toys
Photo: @dein.kinderkram

If you want to go extra, you can even paint a scalloped wall of the same color.

Colorful nursery with tones of pink, a rainbow tapestry and a pink canopy
Photo: Is to Me UK 

3. Add a bright wallpaper

Another simple way to create your dream colorful nursery is by adding wallpaper to it. Even if you live in a rental space, there are peel and stick options easily removable.

If your kid is into animals, try a whimsical dog pattern.

Colorful nursery in tones of yellow, with a white crib, mustard canopy and patterned wallpaper on the back
Photo: @_sveasophia_

Or go with flowers wallpaper to match the season. And bonus: no risk of hay fever with these ones.

Colorful nursery with flower wallpaper and a green Play Mat
Photo: @frau.wonnevoll

A gorgeous plant pattern can also be the hero of the room. 

Colorful nursery with plant wallpaper, yellow curtains, pink rug and golden ceiling lamp
Photo: @abeautifulmess

It can even be added to the nursery closet. Who will ever want to close the doors?

Colorful nursery wardrobe, with a flower wallpaper, yellow doors and baskets organizing the clothes
Photo: @studioDIY

4. Paint one cabinet or furniture

If you don't want to paint the wall, what about giving a new life to plain children's furniture? A wood paint can will be enough for a fun weekend DIY.

You can paint a dresser in a colorful tone, such as yellow, and even change the knobs to make it more stylish.

Colorful yellow dresser in the corner of a nursery
Photo: Mon Bébé Chéri

If you are a big fan of pastel colors, why not painting a cabinet in millennial pink?

Nursery with colorful cabinet painted in pink
Photo: Sunset Magazine

If going bold is your thing, a good idea is a colorful crib to steal the show. But, of course, the wallpaper and this Ikea's mushroom lamp are also a sweet addition.

Colorful nursery, with a yellow crib and a patterned wallpaper
Photo: La bottega di Amrita

5. Change the bedding

Another renter-friendly yet impactful way to make your nursery colorful is by adding a fun and bright bedding sheet. 

If you're feeling like a pro, try mixing some patterns, like flowers, polka dots, and stripes. Fun cushions and stuffed animals are also too charming to miss out on. 

Colorful bedding with flowers in nursery
Photo: Casa de Valentina

A fun fruit salad pattern also goes a long way to add a splash of color to the bed.

Colorful nursery with a patterned bedding in fruit salad and a big pink rug
Photo: Studio DIY

6. Add a fun tapestry to the wall

Rainbows are a gem for kid's rooms. Plus, it's the easiest way to add color to them. After all, the different tones combined bring together the childhood energy that we want for a nursery.

So, nothing better than a rainbow tapestry for a colorful nursery!

Colorful nursery with rainbow tapestry and yellow door
Photo: Studio DIY

Or it can be with a cute statement.

Colorful nursery with a rainbow tapestry in the wall "You are my sunshine"
Photo: Pop Sugar

7. Invest in colorful decor accessories

If you always want to change the decor around (who doesn't, really?), you might want to explore accessories. They are easy to change and still make an impact.

Look how the yellow curtain with other details pop in this bright nursery:

Bright nursery with pops of yellow in the objects such as in the curtains
Photo: Project Nursery

8. Paint (only) the door

You don't need to paint the whole wall to make a difference. Just the door works out perfectly!

For the rainbow fans, why not create your own on the door?

Colorful nursery with a door painted in stripes like a rainbow
Photo: PMQ for two

You can also go with just one color: it still makes all the difference.

Colorful nursery with a door painted in bright orange
Photo: Handmade Charlotte

9. Play around with shelves

This one not only adds color to your nursery but also can be helpful for extra storage. For example, you can put on display books, trinkets, and toys.

Another fun idea is to paint them as a rainbow (can we ever get tired of it?) and color-coordinate the kid's books.

Colorful kids nursery with rainbow shelves
Photo: Studio DIY

If your kiddo also has a dinosaur collection, here is the best inspiration for you: 

Colorful kids nursery with DIY dinosaur shelf
Photo: At Home with Ashley

10. Use one of our colorful Play Mats

Our Spring Green and Morning Blue Play Mats can also add a pop of color and interest to the nursery. In fact, it can be the statement piece that will pull everything together.

We will let a few of our favorite colorful nurseries speak for themselves:

Colorful nursery, with green Play Mat for kids

Colorful nursery with a blue Play Mat
Photo: @stylepoetry

Colorful nursery with blue wall and play mat
Photo: @callofbeyouty

Colorful nursery with green play mat
Photo: @honestly.regina

Whether you prefer a bright and colorful nursery or one with toned-down colors, we hope you got inspired to upgrade your kid's space this Spring. 

If you want to see all of our Play Mat colors available, check out our Garden of Day Dreams collection.



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