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A Glimpse Behind the Brand

What do you think about when you think of your home? You don't even have to close your eyes to imagine it — there is just a feeling.
Home is the warmth you feel when you think of the sound of little feet running across the hard wood floor, its laughter, tears, and late night chatter, and it is all those little accessories that make your bedrooms cozy and your living spaces welcoming. 
I am a mom of two wild and loving girls, who like us all, has held my breath through a million of those unsteady first stages of rolling over, crawling, and learning to walk. I am a mom that loves the moments of getting lost in my children’s imagination and watching them in all their magic. And, I found the best way to be a part of these moments is to be right there with them on the floor together. 
Nicole Eissele - Founder

This is where the journey started for The Singing Ant, to set off and design a mat that enriched that feeling of home and influenced how you spend your time together as a family, how we play. In my family’s home, our play mat is a place where we end up snuggled together reading stories, where we laugh with excitement as we knock over the highest towers, and where we’ve taken our share of bumps and falls.
Our goal was to design a play mat that enhanced this feeling of home and togetherness through its style and beauty while also being a soft, safe padded space for our children to play. The result is a super stylish play mat with little extra, creative touches like hints of metallics and an original-designed construction that eliminated any lose parts for our little ones to unpuzzle.
After over year and a half in product and design development, the first reveals of our play mat in your stunning nurseries has been an amazing experience. And, I couldn't be any prouder to see our play mats in your home and ours. Thank you for bringing our products to life. 
Sending you a million wishes for your and your mini! 


 We consider ourselves so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Luisa Jones on the Garden of Daydreams play mat collection. She quickly understood our vision to design an individual tile that no matter what direction it was rotated, when puzzled together created a beautiful overall pattern— no easy task, trust us!  Within these design constraints, she was able to present a stunning repeat of dandelions and abstract florals to create a perfect seamless field of wildflowers.

It was truly the combination of her dedication and signature style that the Garden of Daydreams developed from just a surface pattern into an artistic story.
We recently talked to Luisa to share her thoughts on the collaboration and how she became inspired for the Garden of Daydreams pattern. 

In the very busy and serious world of being an adult, it’s very important for me to sometimes just get rid of all the expectations about what being adult has to be like. Believing in miracles and in a wish to come true seems a good thing to do in our very logic and structured world.

I really love patterns based on simple geometries and also to break out of them again. Thats what we did with the dandelion design. The design developed during our work process a lot and I loved to see the different steps to work out so nice in the end.

A lot of things inspire me. Sometimes it's things I see in nature, when I am on a walk with my dog. Sometimes it’s the work of other designers. Be it recent fashion designs or advertisements. But for my own work, these things are most often only the initial spark. Finishing the design on the other hand, is mostly just hard work. 

Curious about what comes next, stay tuned for updates on her future projects and collaborations with The Singing Ant!







Photo Credits:
Interior & Founder Photo @minimomente_foto
Luisa Jones Photo @thomas_jones_fotografie