6 ways to make Easter special for kids at home

6 ways to make Easter special for kids at home

Trying to find a way to make Easter special this year for your little one(s), while staying safe? With these tips you can celebrate Easter safely and still make it a lot fun this year!

Easter up breakfast

What better way to start Easter celebration?

Easter toddlers ideas breakfast 2021

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Let your little one(s) get creative with

  • An upcycled Easter Treat Jar:

    Create a bunny with your little ones’ hand and two fingers:

    Easter COVID-proof activities toddlers 2021


    • Decorated Easter eggs 

    For this one you would need various types of pasta and paper in various colours. Painting the pasta’s is already a lot of fun!

    easter eggs decorate 2021 kids decorate easter eggs diy kids


    Find an alternative to the community Easter egg hunt

    Host your own at home instead! You can do this indoors and/or in the garden if you have one. There are a few ways you could do so:

    - Physically active hunt

    Make a list of the activities below and make sure to put a number before each activity. 

    easter egg hunt 2021 toddlers ideas

    #1 Hop like a bunny
    #2 Spin around 4 times
    #3 Fly around like a bird
    #4 Walk like a duck
    #5 Touch your toes 4 times
    #6 Shake with your whole body
    #7 Reach way up to the sky
    #8 Stretch out on your belly like a snake
    #9 Sit with your feet together like a butterfly
    #10 Do a funny dance
    #11 Do 5 circles with your right arm
    #12 Do 5 circles with your left arm

    Write down one of these numbers on each egg you’re going to hide – using a different number each time. After your little one finds an egg, they bring it to you and they have to do the activity that is attached to that number on the list.

    - Golden Egg hunt

    Let your little one find the Golden Egg by telling them if their ‘hot’ or ‘cold’.

    2021 easter celebration covid-proof kids


    - Color-coded Egg hunt
    For this one you need chocolate eggs wrapped in various colours. Pick three colours and use either three six-piece egg boxes, bowls or baskets. Give each box, bowl or basket a different colour, matching a colour of the wrapping of the eggs you’re going to hide.  Hide all six eggs of each colour (18 in total) and let your little one search for the eggs and put them in the right box.

    easter egg hunt covid-proof ideas 2021


    - Puzzle hunt
    Hide pieces of a simple puzzle. Tell them how many pieces are hidden and let them search for it. After they find all pieces, let them try to puzzle it together – help if necessary.

     easter puzzle egg hunt kids fun home 2021


    Read Easter stories

    Here you can find a list of books related to Easter:

    • We’re going on an egg hunt – by Laura Hughes
    • The Golden Egg Book - by Margaret Wise Brown
    • Don't Push the Button! An Easter Surprise – Bill Cottor
    • The Night Before Easter – Natasha Wing
    • How to Catch the Easter Bunny – Adam Wallace

      Easter books toddlers 2021
    Source: Instagram  @sophieellaandme

      Host an Easter movie marathon

        • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade (2016)
        • Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (2004)
        • Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol (2004)
        • Veggie Tales: Twas the Night before Easter' (2011)
        • Hop (2011)

        easter 2021 movies toddlers

        Source: Instagram 


        Want to celebrate with the whole family? Make it virtual! 

        As getting together with the entire family probably isn’t the safest option right now, you could host a virtual get-together and play games, such as Pictionary or an Egg and Spoon race (one family at a time, while the others watch). Fun guaranteed!

        You could also decide to separately celebrate Easter, but do the same activities and share pictures and videos during the activities. 


        Happy Easter!

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