The ultimate summer bucket list for parents

The ultimate summer bucket list for parents

Parents, if you're not going to be away on a holiday the entire summer, you might need some entertaining activities you can plan for your kids during these summer days. This ultimate summer bucket list has 16 exciting, budget proof and screen free activities for your little one(s). All of the activities can be done at home, indoors or outdoors in the garden or on your balcony.


1. Create your own museum 

Let your little one choose their most loved (and easy to carry) objects and create a 'museum of favourites'. 

Aktivitäten mit Kindern in den Sommerferien

 Credit photo: @lieke__vm | The Singing Ant Moon Grey Play Mat


2. Organize a cultural picnic

Gather a variety of delicious snacks from different countries.
Print out flags to lay next to the dish and point the country out on a map.
A perfect way to engage them in the picnic and teach them about other countries and cultures. 


3. Go camping at home

Use some imagination. Are we in a forest or dessert? What colour is the sky? Is the weather nice or stormy? Let them take you on a camping trip. 

Sommer mit Kindern

 Credit photo: @onelittleyear | The Singing Ant Morning Blue Play Mat


4. Set up a "car wash" station for all toys

Let your little one(s) open their own "Car Wash" business and let them pick out a name for their own Car Wash Station. While you set up a washing station, they can decorate their business sign. Of course, other toys are also welcome to go through the car wash.

A fun water activity and practical at the same time! 

5. Plant herbs

Herbs are a great way to start teaching kids about growing plants. They can grow throughout the year and are quite easy to care for. Herbs that you can grow indoors are:
- Mint
- Basil
- Parsley
- Chives

Another fun add on to this activity is to let the kids choose the pots, or even let them decorate pots for the herbs. A wonderful way to get them even more involved. 

And here's an informational video for kids, that will get your little one(s) into the subject of planting:


6. Exercise with a summer themed yoga

Put on some yoga music and:

- Pretend to be a tree
- Pretend to be a frog
- Pretend to a butterfly
- Pretend to be a flower

A calming activity with an element of fun. Who can keep their balance while doing the tree pose? 

Outdoor and indoor play kids

 Credit photo: @___s.u.s.a.n.n.e___ | The Singing Ant Spring Green Play Mat


7. Have a Mindful Moment

Wherever you are at that moment; at home, in the garden, at the playground, the beach or somewhere in the woods, take a moment together and: 

Name 5 things you can see
Name 3 things you can hear
Name 2 things you can smell

Do we hear, see and smell different things? 

Sommer mit Kindern aktivitäten

 Credit photo: | The Singing Ant Moon Grey Play Mat


8. Make a summer lemonade together

This video of Sweet Adjeley has a really nice tutorial for an easy homemade lemonade, to make together with the kids.
PS: the comments by her kids are too cute to handle:


9. Play the game Dance/Freeze

An exciting game to play with the entire family or just with your little one(s). When  the music is on your little one(s) have to dance. But when the music stops the dancing has to stop too. Fun guaranteed!

 free summertime activities

 Credit photo: @floves_ | The Singing Ant Sunset Rose Play Mat


10. Dress up and do a fashion show

And here’s how to make it more interactive: pick each other’s outfits!

Lay out five of your own outfits of your own and your child’s and both choose two outfits the other one has to wear  Take pictures to memorize this creative activity.



11. Draw your day trip

Ask your little one(s): What did you find impressive of todays' day trip? What would you always like to remember from this? Let's draw today's trip. 

When you take kids on a day trip, there's always something that will be in their memories forever, for some reason. This way you can find out what that is and engage your child in this day trip even more. 


12. Create an obstacle course

This is a great tutorial for an adventurous homemade obstacle course:


13. Colour sort objects

Kids will enjoy this activity a lot and it helps build their visual perception and thinking skills. 

 Summer bucket list for kids and parents

 Credit photo: @familie.wolkenzauber | The Singing Ant Sunset Rose Play Mat


14. Create your own library

Let kids re-organize their bookshelves and fill the shelves with the books they want to read. This way their book shelve feels like something new, personal and special, and they might feel more attracted to pick out a book again - whereas if it the book shelve looks the same, it might not peek their interest as much.

You can also ask them why they like this book, to get more insight on the interests of your little one(s). 

 summer bucketlist for parents books for kids

 Credit photo: @stephxwlf | The Singing Ant Moon Grey Play Mat 


15. Rainbow Scavenger hunt

Let your little ones' inner Sherlock Holmes out and let them hunt for toys in each colour of the rainbow. Choose a number between 5 and 10 for the amount of items they have find, that's appropriate for their age and let them find toys coloured in:

- Red
- Orange
- Yellow
- Green
- Blue
- Purple

If they're still a bit young, lay out an example of each colour on the floor, to remind them of the colour.

Great add on: If you have the material, dress up as a classic detective to add a creative and fun element to it. 

Summer bucketlist for kids and parents

 Credit photo: | The Singing Ant Morning Blue Play Mat


16. Print and hang the TSA B.O.R.E.D. Board somewhere that's visible and accessible for your child(ren)

We created a B.O.R.E.D. Board for parents, that will help their kids think of something they can either Build, (re)Organize or Read, or do such as Exercise, Draw or Dance, so they'll never be bored. 

A Bored Board for kids

You can download it here 


We also have a free printable version of this bucket list:

 Ultimate summer bucket list for parents and kids

You can download it here 


Enjoy the summer!

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