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8 glamping ideas to do with the kids in the backyard

8 glamping ideas to do with the kids in the backyard

If you enjoy camping, you probably already heard about a five-star approach to it, called glamping. If you are wondering if that's possible while having kids, yes, it is!

Even better, what about creating a glamping-themed party day in your backyard this summer? Here are seven ideas to help you enjoy sunny days with the whole family.

1. Add a welcome sign to make it feel real

A welcoming sign into the glamping experience is the best way to set the party's tone. It will make them feel like they are arriving at a new camping site! 

glamping ideas kids

Photo: Mustard Seeds

2. Make custom cups

Is there anything more exclusive than a metal camping cup with your name on it? Imagine how the kids will feel with that simple detail. Besides that, it can be a great memory to save from the summer they have spent in 2021.

glamping idea with kids

Photo: Suberble

3. Prepare some campfire treats

Is it even a glamping experience if there are no campfire treats? Campfire cones are for sure a favorite, but you can get creative and try something different for summer, as a s'mores pops

All you need is marshmallows, chocolate, and lollipop sticks. You can also add some crushed cookies to finish it off if you prefer. 

glamping ideas with kids

 Photo: Evermine

glamping idea for kids

Photo: Fantabulosity

4. Plan a scavenger hunt 

Now that the party is all set, it's time for the games! Don't forget to include a scavenger hunt because it is a must on any summer bucket list 

glamping ideas with kids

Photo: With the hostess 

5. Add cute mini teepees

There is no better way to feel like in a campsite than by adding mini teepees with the kids' names on top of it. They will instantly feel like on a summer camp trip - but even better, with a glam twist!

glamping ideas with kids

Photo: Evermine

Our Play Mats can be the soft surface to protect your minis inside the teepee. Imagine this cute set below, but outdoors? 

glamping with kids

Photo by @onelittleyear, featuring our Moon Grey Play Mat 

6. Don't forget the funny messages

Make it feel even more fun, with messages about very dangerous bears, which are actually stuffed animals. The point is to create some adventure feelings and help to bring the glamping experience to the next level. 

glamping ideas with kids

Photo: With the hostess

7. Create a lounge area with an inflatable plastic pool

Kids got tired of playing summer activities? Try repurposing the plastic swimming pool to create a lounge area. Add some popcorn, pile a few colorful cushions, and get ready to cozy up and watch a movie outdoors. 

glamping ideas for kids

Photo: My Tuesday Therapy

8. Create the dreamiest movie night set 

Speaking of movies, you cannot forget a good one to watch at night, when the sun is gone. Put some string lights and voilà: a memory that they will never forget! 

glamping idea with kids


Outdoor play can significantly affect children's well-being and development, so take some time to explore it this summer. However, don't feel pressured to recreate all the ideas, just what speaks to your heart. After all, parents also deserve as much rest as their children.

Enjoy your Summer! 

If you need a little help to turn these fun moments into memorable ones with even more safety, check out our foam Play Mats!  

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