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Creating a learning space your kid(s) will love


As schools are teaching virtually more often as a result of the worldwide pandemic, kids are spending much more time at a desk in house. The most ideal learning space for a child consists of a table, chair, a play mat for a soft bottom and space to store pens, paper, books and toys.

But how to create a desk corner that your kid(s) will love and feels like their own personal space?

We lined up five key tips that will help you on your way:

If it’s possible, choose a space for the desk corner that has access to natural light, as it works best for concentration and improves overall health.

The Singing Ant designer play mats


Cute desk corners for kids

source: Marjolein Bouhuijzen on

Use natural light for your kids' desk corner


Desk corner decor

While the space should be playful and inviting for your child, a comfortable and sturdy seating is key - especially if they spend a lot of time at their desk. 

The Singing Ant play mats soft desk corners

source: Interior_SV on Instagram with The Singing Ant Play mat  

Comfortable and sturdy seatings for kids' desk corners
source: Constance Gennari on Les Enfants du Design
If your child is still small, a stool will be comfortable enough, since they generally don’t sit for too long. It’s also the perfect solution if the space is tight because stools are easy to hide under the desk.
Kids room interior
source: Siv Lorgen/Arne K Martinsen (nr13b) on Instagram


 Use stimulating colours

Did you know younger children thrive in bright and stimulating colors? Here you’ll find a few examples:

1. As the most joyful color, yellow has a stimulating effect on memory, motivation and attention.

kids room interior


2. Green has a calming effect and is the most relaxing color.

Kids room desk corner


3. Red is a dominant, warm color and strong stimulus. It attracts all the attention, which could be useful for not getting distracted, by toys for example. But, it’s advised to use a red with a calmer undertone, like pink or white or just as an accent, because intense red could have a negative effect.

Desk corner painted wall kids interior room


Decorate the kids room playfully 

Make sure to create a playful space, that’s still an appropriate learning environment, but doesn’t feel like school. Decoration is an easy way to make it more playful, warm and inviting for your child, but not distracting like their favorite toys would be. There are a few ways to decorate the desk corner:

1. Hang your child’s favorite books like artwork

Kids interior styling inspiration


kids interior desk corner


2. Use artwork or decoration with colors and images your child loves

 kids room interior inspiration

source: on MilkMagazine

Kids room desk corner decoration tips
 room decorations for kids interior
source: __mamalina__ on Instagram with The Singing Ant play mat

3. Stuffed animals are a sweet and welcoming decor

interior styling kids room


 kids interior styling desk corners


4. Use wallpaper with a pattern your child would love 

Interior styling kids room wallpaper
source: Pinterest
kids learning space interior
or paint their favorite animal or object on the wall

kids room interior design source:

Creating a personal learning space for your kid decoration

source: gemma.leigh.r on Instagram
Add a personal touch to the desk corner of your kids room

Make them feel like it’s their personal space by hanging up their own creations

kids artwork styling interio

source: OYOY Living Design on Instagram

Kids DIY painting interior
DIY desk corner kids
or use an accessory or artwork that spells their name
interior inspiration kids room


If your children have to share a space, you could divide the wall in two and paint and decorate them differently

shared room kids interior inspiration
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