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Hey mom, you need some care too

We always know how to slow down during the summer holidays, but when the rush of our daily lives starts again, we seem to do anything but take it slow. So to prepare you for the hectic daily routines after the holidays are over, we gathered tips in how to easily incorporate more self-care into your schedule. Because taking care of everything, also means taking care of yourself. Not every one might know, but moms’ batteries need to be recharged too ;)

We selected 10 activities that will not take more than 15 or 30 minutes each. This way you can pick at least one that suits your schedule and take the time to recharge on a daily basis. Even when you feel like you don't have time and all other things seem more important. Just remember that when you take care of yourself, you will feel more calm and be able to do everything more effectively and efficiently.

Andrea Jansen, founder of Any Working Mom, reminds us in her TED Talk that there’s no such thing as the perfect mom and explains why we should let go of the the expectations. You can watch the video here

Write 10 things you like about yourself. This relaxing playlist might help you set a positive mood
with this de-stress workout 
(6 minutes)

Or slow down with this meditation for positivity
(10 minutes)

that always puts a smile on your face and even gets you moving 

A quick walk helps you clear your mind and burn more calories, boost your metabolism and energy level

Did you know a workout, even if it just takes 15 minutes, has a lot of benefits? According to Women’sHealth it helps burning calories, getting your body into shape, lowering your risk of certain diseases and even adding years on to your life. They also added some short workouts to the article, which you can read here

If you don’t have any equipment at home, try this workout

(16 minutes)

This Mommy + Me workout you can do with your baby
(15 minutes)

Or this one with your toddler 

(9 minutes)

And this stroller workout you can do indoors or outdoors in the park
(10 minutes)

First, light a few scented candles, put on this playlist and then start your shower. 10 Minutes will just be enough to relax
(20 minutes)

Light some candles, sit down and do this breathing exercise. Drink peppermint or ginger tea after 
(15 minutes)

and read (a part of) a chapter, to get your mind off things. 

or meet for a quick walk around the block with a coffee